Old Ways Doesn't Open New Doors

Tanja Stehle-Pregetter

Internationality paired with many years of leadership

I am open to new tasks and approach them with a holistic perspective. When it comes to implementation, it helps me that I am sociable, flexible, proactive and assertive. I lead teams with a collaborative leadership style, open communication and can motivate my team members very well.

Interim Management

Do you have a situation that requires additional short-term know-how, experience and targeted implementation? You want to close a gap, a replacement is taking longer than expected or a project needs to be implemented quickly and efficiently with additional resources?

Quality Management

Do you have an acute quality problem? Do you want to bring your quality system up to date? There is little or no feedback on your advertised quality positions?

I can help you with my experience and make your organization fit for the future.

Site Start-Up and Production Management

You know where to put your new site into operation. You need support to bring your production lines on site and to organize everything that goes with it?

With many years of experience in setting up global production sites, I support you in bringing production lines from A to B in a timely and customer-oriented manner.

Program Management

Your production and quality IT got stuck sometime in the 2000s? Does your production planning seem like a big black hole?

Through numerous MES and CAQ projects in companies between 50 and 10,000 employees, I know what you have to do to arrive in today's world.

Consulting, Training and Mentoring

Are you faced with the challenge that your company operates internationally and there is a crunch between the locations? Do you have few female employees and managers and don't know why? Do you want to actively promote your employees?

Gender Equality

Do you want to increase the proportion of women in your company and don't know how? Your managers still haven't understood why women are important in companies? As a woman, would you like to know how to best deal with difficult situations?

I can tell you first hand what it's like to be a woman - and mostly the only woman - in tech. And for years I have encouraged women to go their own way.


Does your team consist of people from different backgrounds? Is there a crunch in communication?

After working with different cultures for years, I have already made many mistakes. Take advantage of it.


Is your company expanding to other countries? Do you want to know how best to behave in certain situations and what to avoid?

Through my extensive experience in different countries, I was able to experience how enriching these encounters are and where and how they help us. I will help you to adjust to new situation and countries.


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